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Writing is the Key
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 9/11/2013
There are people who write very well but it isn't just merely writing that makes it an essential talent and skill and the same time. Talent and skills are the same but also different. Talent is a characteristic feature or a special natural ability, while skill is developed through a series of training's or experience.
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How to Increase Page Rankings
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 9/3/2013
Google Page Rank is based on an algorithm that specifies how significant a certain page is. The Page Rank of a page is repetitive and is based on the number and Page Rank metric of all pages that is linked to it. This software analyzes the quality of the page as well as its links which is measure from 0 (low-relevance) to 10 (high-relevance).
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Keys to having a great Press Release
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 8/26/2013
Some individuals who are doing their own Public Relations are struggling when it comes to producing press releases. We could Read all articles about how to write an effective press release and discover tons of ways to do it. We all have our own styles in writing, especially in press releases, but there are significant keys in producing an effective press release that we need to take into consideration.
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What is in it For You?
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 8/19/2013
Providing people with reliable resources and content are only two of the important aspects to consider when doing an online community. It offers online assistance regarding businesses in the United States. It’s best to first understand what an online community basically does in this type of business.
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How you can turn home business ideas into gold mine
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 9/12/2012
There is an abundance of work that can be done from home. As long as you have the right resources including internet connection, a telephone line, computer, and other office equipment that you think should give more efficiency to your home business ideas you can have a small start-up business in operation.
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Earning More With Hispanic Business Online
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 9/4/2012
It is a known fact that hispanic community is a rapidly growing community. Along with its growth is also the growth of hispanic business in many industries. It is no doubt that the hispanic community growth is also a big opportunity to get a big slice of that market for your business growth. However, there is one part of the hispanic market that is being overlooked. in the industry of online business, the hispanic community is being overlooked as a big market potential. Little do business owners know that the latino online community can be a big help for any business hoping to be successful online.
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Key Things to Consider When Setting Up A Latino Small Business
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 8/30/2012
Throughout the past few years, more and more hispanic businesses are emerging. Today, the hispanic business is still growing at a rapid rate. There are many latinos who are also gearing up to start their own small businesses. However, with the growing industry, One can expect a ton of competition when they finally set up shop. One more thing to think about is where to get the starting capital to put up a hispanic small business. There are a lot of things that you need to think about before finally setting up shop and doing your business. To help you out in starting your latino small business, here are a few key things to consider.
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Strategies Utilized by Hispanic Small Businesses
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 8/28/2012
With the proliferation of businesses to cater every consumer’s needs, proprietors have to take advantage of every marketing strategy known to the business world. Each shall vie for the consumer’s interest and appeal. There are countless enterprises in every location and all are competing with the other for popularity. Needless to say, for a business to flourish, it has to be so popular it eventually becomes a household name. It seems very challenging to market your small scale business in effective ways especially if you are tight on your budget. Despite of it all, business owners know they have to resort to advertising or their business go unnoticed.
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Kamau Jackson is Senior Strategy Consultant at Internet Knowledge Solutions, a Chicago small business consulting agency. His company provides both online and offline marketing and sales strategy consulting as well as search engine optimization, and both email and text message marketing services. He is also author of the forthcoming book Capture The Home Page Advantage: How To Transform An Under-performing Website Into A Round-the-Clock Marketing Machine. For free marketing and sales training resources and more information, visit the Internet Knowledge Solutions web site.


Juan Silvera publishes and edits  Over the last 12 years he has been a partner in three different online ventures: (acquired by SAIC), Connetation GmbH and Latin3.  In addition to running Juan is a Senior Vice President in the Digital Marketing division of a Fortune 100 financial institution.  He has lived and worked in L.A., Mexico City, Caracas, Salzburg (Austria), Ft. Lauderdale and Charlotte, NC. 

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