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Castro is "gone", ahora que?
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 2/27/2008
By now everyone knows that Fidel has chosen to "retire" (well, kind of ...). And so for certain entrepreneural Hispanic types, the question now is: could this signal some type of opportunity if his stepping down means some type of cuban style "perestroika."
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Mark your calendar: great events for Hispanic entrepreneurs
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 2/10/2008
The spring business event season is upon us and there's a lil' bit of everything for everyone: from hanging out with Televisa chair Emilio Azcarraga to hanging out in D.C. with the US Chamber of Commerce. Read on to learn about three upcoming events you won't want to miss.
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How to talk for 10 minutes and say nada ...
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 1/29/2008
You gotta love Hispanic business ingenuity. Just when you thought that MLM programs were getting tired, here comes a creative Latina to make good use of YouTube to make a 10 minute pitch and say, well ... nada.
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Hispanic SMB Endorses Clinton, McCain
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 1/21/2008
Now that Bill Richardson has dropped out of the race (was he ever really in it to begin with ..??) it is time for Hispanic SMB to endorse candidates for both the Democrat and Republican parties. Before we give you our recommendations, let us say that it is fascinating to see how wide open the race is. It's exciting to see that coming into super Tuesday there is no "front runner" per se in either party.
Comments (0) More... Web 2.0 Real Estate Latino Style
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 1/5/2008
We've just recently learned about, a new site designed to allow Hispanic homebuyers to connect with bilingual real estate professionals, property listings and Spanish language home-buying how-to videos and podcasts online.
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Predicciones: What 2008 will bring
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 12/27/2007
2007 is gone and we are just a few days away from the new year. Here are our five prediccciones for Hispanic small businesses for 2008:
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Facebook: hundreds of friends, zero business benefits
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 12/11/2007
Since retiring Flyers, Facebook has now introduced another model that is more “traditional”, probably hoping that that approach will help them to begin monetizing their huge audience. As for me, at least for now, it is hundreds of friends, zero business benefits.
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Thoughts on Sustainability from Señor Shrink
HispanicSMB Blogs By Hispanic SMB on 11/29/2007
Recently Dennis Salazar, CEO of Salazar Packaging, was kind enough to send us three great articles about flexible packaging, sustainability and the environment. We were compelled to publish the articles because it is not often that you run into a successful Hispanic entrepreneur who also has a knack for great writing.
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Juan Silvera publishes and edits  Over the last 12 years he has been a partner in three different online ventures: (acquired by SAIC), Connetation GmbH and Latin3.  In addition to running Juan is a Senior Vice President in the Digital Marketing division of a Fortune 100 financial institution.  He has lived and worked in L.A., Mexico City, Caracas, Salzburg (Austria), Ft. Lauderdale and Charlotte, NC. 

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