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The Arizona Immigration Law: a business point of view
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Posted by: Hispanic SMB 9/4/2010
Much has been written about the political and social ramifications of the Arizona immigration law. But since we are mainly concerned with business here, we want to share this point of view from a strictly business angle. Liliana Gil from cultural marketing agency XL Alliance, puts an opportunistic spin on the situation. And even though she's primarily talking to large enterprises here, there are some interesting lessons for small businesses as well.

Here's Lili's take on the impact and opportunities that the new Arizona immigration law presents.  She has some very valid points that apply mostly to large enterprises, however she does also identifies opportunities for businesses located in bordering states- al of which have signifcant Hispanic business presence. The other side of the coin (which is not addressed here) is the fact that for Hispanic businesses IN Arizona, things maybe getting  even harder as boycotts across the country will inevitably impact the economy up and down.  And that perhaps is the great irony of boycotts designed to punish the state: at the end may of those hurt will be the ones that the boycots attempt to defend.  In any case, here's what Lili has to say on the subject:


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Re: The Arizona Immigration Law: a business point of view    By Lili GIl on 12/6/2010
Thanks for your support! and check out the channel for the latest in Hispanic Business <br>SEGUIMOS ADELANTE!

Re: The Arizona Immigration Law: a business point of view    By Hostel Management Software on 12/13/2010
Your article provide very good information .I like your articles.I will definitely look again……………………………….. <br>Regards:<br>

Re: The Arizona Immigration Law: a business point of view    By Jacko on 1/10/2012
Well you can look at it from a lot of different points of view which one matters the most though?

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